Accelerate societal productivity by improving water, energy and food infrastructure.
We are always open to partnerships that support our mission. Contact us to discuss how we can partner to leverage AI for impact around the world.
The Future We Want
Our vision is for a future in which the essential services that support our societies - water, energy, food - are affordable, safe, and accessible for everyone, everywhere.
How We Get There
By leveraging AI to continuously learn from  ever-changing patterns, we empower people with actionable knowledge for effective decision-making. While the digital revolution is creating the world of today, Emagin is building the architecture of the future, using the latest advances in artificial intelligence to repurpose information and sustainably manage humanity’s impact on the world.
Our Story
Emagin was founded in the Toronto-Waterloo Region corridor, Canada’s emerging tech hub. Bringing together expertise in process engineering, digital technology, and business, Emagin has transformed from an idea into a global company.

The idea was simple - use collected data to predict and optimize utility operations. As the team grew, so too did the idea and scope. Today, Emagin’s technology uses cutting edge proprietary artificial intelligence for water utilities, food & beverage, paper, and energy facilities globally.

Our Achievements
Within the first two years, Emagin broke new ground through a framework agreement with the UK’s United Utilities and secured the largest deployment of AI technology in the region and first of its kind in the industry. In emerging markets, Emagin has been working with utilities to support technological leapfrogging, and has successfully deployed AI in non-digitized utilities. In established markets, Emagin has supported progressing facilities beyond digitization by implementing AI to fully optimize operations and save on expenditure. After winning a series of awards locally, Emagin was recognized in the international water sector by BlueTech and Global Water Intelligence.

We look forward to continuing to build the future of smart cities, beyond digitization, and provide actionable intelligence to decision-makers.
You Believe
Who You Are
You are ambitious, energetic, talented, and looking for a purpose-driven community that you can help scale up through a phase of steep business growth. You want a professional development opportunity that will allow you to flex your existing skills and learn new ones on the job. You like being surrounded by a diverse team that will challenge you to do your best on a daily basis. You never settle for the status quo and strive to constantly improve. You are a team player who can adapt quickly to an ever changing environment.

We Believe
Who We Are
Emagin is a dynamic team of motivated individuals solving our planet’s most pressing challenges and using cutting edge technology to do so. We help utilities, industries, and cities lower their operational costs, enhance reliability of services, and reduce risks to public safety and the environment. Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the forefront of everything we do and we work hard to achieve results. We are building an inclusive culture here and are looking for people to join us to achieve our vision of affordable, safe, and accessible essential services for everyone, everywhere.
Build a better future as part of a diverse and purpose-driven team.
Work on projects that reduce human impact on the world.
Competitive Salary
We want to work with the best and understand that this requires appropriate compensation to ensure our employees are happy and feel valued.
Flexible work hours
We are results-driven. You should have ownership of your schedule. We aim to create an inclusive workplace and are open to discussing any accommodations needed.
Stock options
We want you to be invested in the future of Emagin. Talk to us about your options.
Lifestyle benefits
Your health comes first. We provide a comprehensive benefits package for our team and their families.
Thouheed A. Gaffoor
Chief Executive Officer
Mohamad Vedut
Chief Revenue Officer
Thamjeeth A. Gaffoor
Chief Financial Officer
James Legue
Chief Product Officer
Holly Warwick
Human Resources Manager
Basem Guirguis
Director, Product Delivery
Vishnu Prathish
Director, Engineering
Mohannad Abbas
Architecture Lead
George Zhou
Data Engineering Lead
Marco Andrade
Full Stack Lead
Mike Martin
Customer Support Lead
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